Hard Drive Recovery After Fire Damage

hdrafdSometimes it is hard to avoid disasters but that does not mean we can never recover our data. If a company can recover its data after a major fire, at least it will be possible for it to start from somewhere. This might sound crazy, but make sure that no one operates the drive after an event of fire. Ignoring this advice will make the process of hard drive data recovery impossible. Operating the disks will likely drive the smoke particles onto the platters to cause irreparable damage to the …

Sleep Deprivation Can Be Beaten!

sdcbbWhen the alarm clock says go but your body says no, these tricks will give you the energy you need–all day.

You’d the subject of losing night’s sleep would merit one word: yawn! After all, you don’t need anyone to tell you how lousy you feel the day after you’ve been kept awake by a sick child, the rush to meet a deadline, or anxiety about an upcoming event.

Yet the topic turns out to be the subject of hot research. Organizations including the U.S. Army, the National Aeronautics and

The Crusade Against Toughman

cruatEric Crow couldn’t move. He couldn’t speak and couldn’t rise up from his bed. His wife, Paula, had never seen him like this. A former high school wrestling champion, Crow lifted weights and kept himself in excellent shape. But now, hours after being beaten in a Toughman Contest in Kansas City, KS, the 23-year-old pipe fitter was helpless, incoherent.

When the fight ended, he’d seemed okay. But then Crow went to the men’s room and didn’t come back. His father found him standing in the hall, looking dazed. Thinking all …

Dealing With Siblings: Tips You Can Use

nowinsiMost of us go to heroic lengths to head off tensions between kids: We divvy up bags of M&M’s into precise portions, give artwork equal representation on the fridge, buy each child new sneakers when only one really needs them. Unfortunately, as we know all too well, none of these tactics guarantee harmony.

“Sibling rivalry is a redundant phrase — if you have siblings, you have rivalry,” says Susan Witt, Ph.d., professor of family and child development at the University of Akron. “My kids have actually fought over who …

Don’t Let Stress Get You Down

dlsgydDo you know how to be good to yourself? Here, 43 little lifts that will improve your mood when you need it most.

Last Saturday, my life descended into a bad sitcom: My husband was at work, and I invited my friend Gina to have lunch with me and my infant daughter. Before Gina arrived, however, FedEx delivered an enormous box containing a stroller that I had ordered–along with 11 other boxes that held high chairs mistakenly shipped to me. Gina, who is nine months pregnant, had to squeeze through …

Dads Help Each Other!

dadsheoDesiree, almost 2, turns her liquid brown eyes to her father. “Cookie?” she implores.

“Do you deserve a cookie?” her father, Eugene Anderson, responds with mock sternness. Then he smiles. “Give me a hug first.”

Desiree wraps her arms around Anderson’s neck, and he plants a fat kiss on her cheek. “Okay,” he relents. “Just one.”

Father and daughter are on an outing to The National Zoo in Washington, DC, accompanied by Donald H. Christian–the man instrumental in bringing them together. Christian, 56, is codirector of Dads Advising Dads …

Supplementing For Your Mind?

supplemfymYou don’t need a doctor’s prescription for SAMe, St. John’s wort, and kava, top-selling natural products for emotional distress. But if you’re thinking of trying them, read this first.

The numbers don’t lie: More people are turning to natural products to case their emotional aches and pains. But buyers beware. The products don’t always deliver what they say they do, as GH discovered when it tested eight brands of SAMe, a high-profile natural antidepressant.

Simply put, what’s promised on the bottle isn’t always what’s inside. In our tests, the amounts …

Fear: As Natural As Anything

fanayDizziness, a racing heartbeat, a feeling of being nearly paralyzed-these are some of the terrifying symptoms that an anxiety disorder can cause. How two women triumphed over this baffling condition.

Anxiety is actually a healthy emotion. Without it, we couldn’t anticipate danger and prod ourselves into action. But abnormal anxiety is of no use at all. It sets off false alarms in our minds, dramatically exaggerating perceived dangers and provoking terror and dread that interfere with daily life. An anxiety disorder can also be humiliating, according to Robert DuPont, M.D., …

Good Sleep Can Save Your Life!

gschylSkimping on slumber means more than dark circles. How sleep affects mood, memory, and stress … plus ways to get the shut-eye you need.

Okay, I admit it: I’m a sleep slacker. Ever since I became a mother, I’ve worn my fatigue like a badge of honor. Why waste time on a full night’s sleep when I can go to the supermarket at 3:00 A.M., or work into the wee hours, surfing the Net on a laptop from my sofa?

And I’ve got plenty of bleary-eyed company: About 65 percent …

Souvenirs Can Be Amazing!

scbamazingFrom teacups to puppets, authentic treasures can be found wherever you travel ever since Marco Polo returned from China with silks and spices, travelers have carried home keepsakes to remind them of where they’ve been.

The perfect memento is unique to the place it comes from–although nowadays “you can buy almost everything anywhere,” says Durant Imboden, who runs the Europe for Visitors Web site at about.com. “Years ago, you could get a little Italian espresso pot only in Europe, or possibly New York City. Today you can find one in …